Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Ugly holiday sweater parties? Really? Where the hell did this concept come from? Why on earth would I own an ugly holiday sweater? And why would I go to a party wearing something ugly?

I’ve gotten E-Vited to two of these ridiculously themed parties, and I’m going to neither, because:

(a) I don’t wear things that are ugly unless its some sort of costume
(b) I don’t wear costumes when it isn’t Halloween or for a job, and when it is Halloween I don’t dress in things that are “ugly” either
(c) I just know my generation is going to look back at these parties when we’re all thirty-something the same way Gen-X remembers fucking fondue

Do people really choose sweaters that are ugly? And is it a requirement to wear my converse with no laces to these parties? Or is this a shabby-chic sort of thing? I hate shabby-chic. My ex’s vast SoHo loft was furnished with stuff he found on the street covered in sheets, with the occasional ugly but massively expensive antique sprinkled in, and it pissed me off to no end. There’s nothing innovative about sticking your tongue in your cheek.

Wake me up when the hipsters actually do something hip.


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