Thursday, December 25, 2008


Xmas is a time for reflection.

1. Xmas, or Christmas, if your prefer to include "christ" in the name of such a respected religious holiday, loses its appeal when you stop being a child. *

* Although, I do remember the magic of Christmas. The idea of a strange, much older man breaking into my house and leaving me presents appealed to me even in my toddler-ship. Now, I'd wish my Santa Clause to be Hugh Laurie. I want Hugh Laurie to break into my Manhattan apartment and leave me the best present ever: him in my bed with a pack of trojans and a bottle of viagra and a tub of LUBE.

Back to reflecting:

2. Christmas is a time for sales in this beautiful recession, and I am unmoved by the recession because I was a starving artist before and I am the same kinda starving artist now, only better off, as I've been snapping up part-time jobs left and right! Kiss my ass, business people. Take your blue-shirts and khakis and use them to mop up your beer-tears and vodka-vomit-o-despair.

3. Marathons. Christmas television marathons. (Namely, the FIRST 48 & l&o.)

Fun muffins.


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