Monday, April 27, 2009

sasha grey & sunglasses

I am a year or so late on picking up on the Sasha Grey phenomenon. "Existential" porn stars are fascinating and I spent the better part of my afternoon watching "Sasha Grey on Sasha Grey" on Youtube.

On Saturday night a man that I was dating only because my father would like him dumped me in a cab after taking me to the Slipper Room, which is just about one of my favorite places ever. He had a small penis and poor conversational skills but I hate rejection so I bought a white Marc Jacobs dress on Sunday. I have one of his sweatshirts and I want to cut the sleeves off of it and mail it back to him but its actually a nice sweatshirt (Diesel) so I'm thinking I'll just keep it since I'll be completely over it in twenty-four hours or so.

Then I went to 2nd and 2nd for a birthday party and drank a bunch of Pinot Noir and sang karaoke, changing the words to talk about what a small penis the aforementioned asshole has.

I should submit my song lyrics with a picture to, but I'm trying to be an adult.

Today I was standing around Union Square park and some douchebag told me he had designed the sunglasses that I was wearing. I was like: really what brand are they? and he made up some name and I was like, well, asshole, some wanker who makes fakes for St. Marks Place bogarted your idea.

I wish people wouldn't say things to me just to make conversation.

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